Events and Workshops at Camp Sydney


Kamp Karaoke
Join your hostess with the mostess Aaron Manhattan for a sing-a-long evening of show tunes, diva ballads and thrash metal. Don’t think you can sing? that’s fine, neither can we, but we will cheer you like Kylie and if your lucky, lucky, lucky you may even get a few pairs of undies thrown on stage!

Queer Trivia

Get set for Aaron Manhattan to introduce you to the down n dirty side of pop culture and general knowledge. Have you got what it takes to be on top? Grab your mates and get ready to play with plenty of cheeky challenges, trivial questions and more!

Fluff Muddler
For all those competitive queens out there we have an assault  course like no other, think Heels, Unicorns, Mud Baths, Treasure Hunt and more! Just get your teams together and let our fabulous Aaron Manhatton confuse you with games that have no rules and make no sense.
The Naked Catwalk
Have you ever wanted to sashay your way down a catwalk paying homage to Linda, Kristie, Kate and Naomi?
Well here is your chance to wear your finest birthday suite and with a little bit of body paint and accessories, you can create an outfit McQueen and Lagerfeld would be proud of.
No Talent Show
One of the highlights of NAKEDMAN is our community No Talent show.
Bring yourself and others to the stage to show us your charisma, uniqueness and talent.
You might even win a prize (unless Cher beats you to it.again!)


Morning Yoga & Meditation

This workshop will start with a 30 min meditation followed by 1 hr yoga. Please feel free to join in for one or both. The practice of yoga cultivates health and wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental and social) through the practice of a range of many different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Our classes typically includes some breathing exercises, yoga postures (including some partner poses) relaxation and/or meditation. Our classes are suitable for all levels of experience including beginners. Please bring a yoga mat (we will have some spares for those that do not have one), a large towel and a bottle of water.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for real male community and social interaction between supportive, centered individuals who enjoy the practice of yoga as well as the company of other naked men.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is massage created by Hawaiian Kahunas to assist the body, mind and soul to heal.  It looks at the whole person (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects) and their relationship to all things making way for clarity, awareness, lightness, love and freedom.  It works by opening up the heart using hands, breathing, rhythm and energy flow.

Ancient Hawaiians lived by principles and philosophies that supported harmonious and responsible living with each other and the natural environment.  These principles are used today to guide, create and support harmony in everyday life and remain a focus during massage.  

Lomi Lomi is a very nurturing, powerful and detoxifying massage that works by cleansing the lymphatic system, soothing the mind, relieving muscle tension and clearing the meridian lines in the body.  Lomi Lomi is also known as a heart opening and spiritual healing massage, that is potentially life changing.

This experience is so much more than learning a new massage technique, it is designed for deep healing, personal and spiritual growth and transformation.

Four Handed Sensual Erotic Massage

Receiving touch from another can be a wonderful experience. Imagine what can happen when there are four hands touching and not just two. Your body becomes the orchestra in which you are the conductor!

So now is the time to try and pluck up your courage and find yourself a couple of guys to massage!!

Tantric Touch
Found someone cute who you’d like to get to know a little better? Invite them to be your partner in the Tantric Touch workshop. In this workshop we will explore how to cultivate presence, connection and sensual yummy touch that feels ELECTRIC.

We will begin with tantric eye gazing and breath mediation to bring you and your partner into a state of deep relaxation and connection. There will be space to discuss desires and boundary’s around touch before moving into giving and receiving of slow sensual tantric massage. The giving and receiving with be semi instructed with room for improvisation and play. This workshop is appropriate for absolute beginners and more experienced players. A great way to develop a deeper connection with new friends and discover a new way of relating sensually and spiritually.

Creative Sexuality

WTF is creative sexuality !?! Creative sexuality is about consciously combining different forms of creative play with sensual and erotic touch. Regenerate the way you see your sexuality. Open up to new  and surprising experiences. Take ‘fun’ to a whole new level. Don’t think you have a creative bone in your body? Don’t worry, this isn’t Broadway or a naked version of the “Voice”. We’re not going to ‘produce’ anything and you’re not being judged.After some simple creative exercises to break the ice, we then explore within four distinct creative sexuality spaces- combining laughter, movement, colour and touch. You get to move in and out of the spaces as you want. You can go in deep or be as frivolous as your want- it’s totally up to you.

Singles and couples welcome.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Rarely do we get an opportunity to come together from all of our different worlds and perspectives to share various aspects of our lives together. Especially when it comes to sex, love and intimacy.
During this workshop we will listen, share and ponder upon questions such as…

  • Which famous person would you want to have sex with?
  • What is one of your biggest turn ons…and offs?
  • What gets better or difficult the more intimately you get to know someone?

…and more!

Knit-Fix & Chill

Have you ever looked at a knitted scarf, beanie or sweater and admired it? Then you have been knit perving. Don’t be shy about it! Instead, come and learn how to make your own knitted wonders so others can knit perv on you.

No previous knowledge required and materials prvided. Knowledge gained includes:
Casting on, Knit stitch, Casting off

Intimate Bondage

This is a workshop that explores connection, surrender and intimacy through Rope Bondage and Rope Energy.

There are many reasons why one might submit to being tied or why one might wish to tie. But before we lose ourselves in fancy techniques and aesthetic, it’s important to remember that Shibari and Rope Bondage are sensual, playful and erotic practices.

By binding and releasing each other, both partners are able to create an intimate energetic conversation resolving into meditative states of nirvana.

In this workshop you will work in dom/sub pairs. Come with a partner or meet one at the workshop. Rope will be provided and knot basics included, no prior knowledge required.

Shiatsu Workshop

Shiatsu is a Japanese style of bodywork, developed many centuries ago. It serves to address imbalances in the recipient’s overall energy levels and restore them to good health and wellbeing. Shiatsu incorporates: techniques for manipulating soft tissues to create warmth and increase circulation; joint mobilisation to remove stiffness and increase joint lubrication; muscle stretching to relieve cramping and improve mobility, co-ordination and posture; application of finger, thumb, palm and elbow pressure to reduce muscle cramping and stimulate energy flow through the nervous system; and guided breath coaching to engender relaxation and mental focus. Shiatsu is generally administered at ground level on a futon-style mat but can be adapted for use on low tables for those with mobility issues.

Prick Up Your Ears

Sound Healing sonic immersion With Jonny Seymour (Seymour Butts) and Mathew Bergan (Dancing Warrior). Using sound frequency and sonic vibration, we will guide you into a magical auditory landscape designed to uplift the Soul and rejuvenate the cellular body. This transformational workshop will take you through the 7 healing centres of the spiritual body, via conscious listening, embodied ritual and radical rest.

Using ancient ritual and shamanic breathwork, this workshop decontextualises masculine identity through embodied expression, the art of listening, and soulful connection. Here, you will enter the forest of the heart, release stress, access states of deep meditation and embrace the healing power of sound.

Expect to activate your entire energy system and move into altered states of awareness and connection. In this state, you will transcend the physical body and dissolve any limiting self-beliefs, taste the deep nectar of bliss and be supported by a community of like-minded men.

Erotic Drawing For Men

Inspired by the drawing classes at Leslie Lohman Gay Museum and Art Gallery in New York, encompassing fetish and erotic life drawing

The session will begin with a quick recap of life drawing skills.

Artists will enjoy the artistic challenge of drawing bodies actively engaged in pleasure and the novelty of being able to draw erotically in a supportive group environment

Artists will be able to propose poses for models to try.

If you are interested in being an erotic model please contact Eureka before the workshop.

We will provide basic materials -charcoal and paper- bring anything else you would like to use …and a journal or book to rest your paper on.

Body Painting
Time to get ready for the Saturday nights entertainment with a fun and sometimes quite sexy body painting class.
Let your creative juices flow as you transform into a lion or tiger or bear oh my!
Manhattan Makeover
After a hard day of workshops and meeting fellow campers what better way to unwind than with an option of a little mani, pedi or facial. Pull out your glossy mags and have a little gossip about who’s in and out in C list celebrity world. If your lucky Ms Manhatton may even give you a makeover if you ask nicely!!

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever (Or Who Ever) You Are

Unless you’re a monogamous, straight cisgender man, you’ll probably understand that coming out is not a one-time event, but a never ending process.                                                                                                                              Our coming out stories are all varied, from being positive, to exciting to challenging or outright terrifying. Perhaps you’ve come out to some people in your life and not others, or perhaps you’re yet to come out at all.

Wherever you are on this journey, your coming out experiences are most likely an important part of your story, no matter whether they’re about your sexual orientation, your gender, you sexual explorations (think kink, roles, etc.) or even relationship orientation (think non-monogamy)

In this workshop we will create a safe space to share, and listen to, each other’s stories. Through the art of storytelling we will co-create meaningful connection and get to know each other on a deeper level, recognising both the commonality and the uniqueness within us all.

Sexual Healing

Our bodies are incredible organisms built to grow, repair and survive.  Our bodies are the vessels that encapsulate our entire lives, a store house of experiences from the blissful and beautiful to the difficult and painful.

During this workshop we will learn to follow the intuitive knowing of our bodies towards a place of healing and homeostasis. We will be utilizing the five erotic pillars of healing, whilst accessing the supportive and loving touch of another.  With safety, trust and support we can travel our unique road towards sexual healing.

The Art of Self Pleasure

How did you learn how to masturbate? If your answer is porn or friends or self-taught, then you have most likely only been shown a fraction of what your body is capable of.During this workshop you will learn how to use the five pillars of erotic work – mindfulness, touch, breath, sound and movement to increase your self pleasure!

60 Minutes of this workshop will be spent learning the five pillars together with an introduction to negotiating consent.

The last 30 minutes will be an opportunity to bring them together in your own self-pleasuring experience.
It is your choice if you would like to learn the 5 pillars but would prefer not to practice in the final part as a group. Please be advised this is NOT an orgy or circle jerk.

The Tunnel of Love

Within this stunning ritual, each man has an experience of entering into a tunnel of loving, intuitive hands.  As we move through the tunnel of love we will experience a plethora of sensations, thoughts and emotions. Each man’s journey different, each ride unique.

Within this workshop you may have an opportunity to experience deep pleasure, there may be a healing of body, mind and spirit. We will come together in community to provide a safe and nurturing space to practice generosity, self-love and care for one another.

Oily Ameoba
Have you ever wanted to lay naked in a pool of strangers with your eyes closed while listening to whale music and have warm oil poured over you until you become a slippery writhing hive of flesh? Its sexy. Its weird. It’s an oily Ameoba.

A Mega Tantric Forest

Would you like to play in ‘The Tantric Forest‘?This is a popular workshop at our camps and we will be running just one….but it will be MEGA!
You can tickle, cuddle, stroke or caress the bark of each tree. Explore their branches, their leaves, their scent or their taste. Sharing your love and attention between these great flora specimens, creating a safe space to experiment with pleasure. Then surrender yourself, as you become ‘The Forest’. Experience the tickles, the cuddles, stokes and caresses of loving hands. As the distraction of attraction hides in darkness, your pleasure can emerge into the light. How much will you let go? How much will you surrender?We will be using fun touch and play to explore, boundaries, consent, sensory deprivation of sight, attraction, pleasure, surrender, generosity and community. This workshop does not take place in an actual forest.