Connect deeper with yourself and others through body, heart & spirit.

NAKEDMAN is an invitation into the mysteries of sex, intimacy, spirit and connection.


We are a community organisation passionate about creating fun and inclusive workshops, retreats and camps.

What’S ON?

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Massage Exchange, Book Club, Rope Salon and much more. Community groups are co-ordinated by volunteers; they are not professionally run, unlike our workshops and retreats.


Mindful Self Touch, Naked Stretch, The Art of Sensual Massage are some of our regular workshops. NAKEDMAN workshops are professionally facilitated for groups of 10-20 men.

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Retreats & Camps

Retreats are an opportunity for you to step out of your usual lives and experience yourself differently. On retreat everything is done for you, so you can just focus on yourself and your process.


NAKEDMAN welcomes ALL MEN trans, cis, queer, gay, bi and same sex attracted.

Our events are professionally facilitated to ensure they are safe, fun and respectful spaces. 

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Meet Our Team


Benefits of men’s work


A supportive space that gives you the opportunity to process and heal.


Join a community of like-minded men and make new connections.


What is it you truly want from life? Let your spirit speak so you can find true satisfaction.

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Relax & Refresh

Life can get overwhelming sometimes. Be sure to make time to unwind.

Body Image

Develop a healthier relationship with the way you perceive your body.

Heart Opening

Allow your heart to open and feel the richness of heart-to-heart connection.


What our community says

“It can feel very supportive to move outside your usual boundaries and have an erotic, sensual, learning experience where you can challenge and perhaps move past your own limitations.”



“As an older overweight man who has recently managed to combat years of depression leading to drug and alcohol abuse it took all my courage to walk through the door. I thought this was going to be so difficult. However I found it to be completely the opposite.”



“A very safe and inviting environment that caters to newbies as well as more experienced people. It’s totally up to you how deep you want to dive in. Very rewarding!



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