NAKEDMAN is a community organisation that is passionate about creating fun and inclusive workshops, retreats and camps. We welcome ALL MEN; trans, cis, queer, gay, bi and same sex attracted. Our events are professionally facilitated to ensure they are safe, fun and respectful spaces. NAKEDMAN is a proud supporter of similar organisations and events. View Events

NAKEDMAN is an invitation into the mysteries of sex, intimacy, spirit and community. We offer space for men to connect deeply with themselves and others through body, heart and spirit. Develop a greater sense of freedom in yourself, your relationships and your community.

We create safe and nurturing workshops, retreats, camps and individual sessions in which you can play and grow. Experiment with new ideas and practices that will support you back home into your body of senses.  From this embodied practice you will experience greater pleasure and feel more confidence to live out your desires.

NAKEDMAN is an international network of practitioners with a collective knowledge and experience in psychotherapy, somatic sex education, mindfulness, yoga, bodywork and other healing traditions. Our mission is to create an army of lovers!

NAKEDMAN has emerged and grown through various forms, dating back to 2008. It’s founder Curt Mason is passionate about this work and travels the globe gathering new skills and ideas to bring back to Australia. With the support of other organisations both interstate and worldwide, there is a powerful sex positive movement emerging, which NAKEDMAN is proud to be a part of.