Schedule of Events and Workshops at NAKEDMAN Camp 23 – 27 November 2023





Queer Trivia

Get set for Aaron Manhattan to introduce you to the down n dirty side of pop culture and general knowledge. Have you got what it takes to be on top? Grab your mates and get ready to play with plenty of cheeky challenges, trivial questions and more!

Fluff Muddler

For all those competitive queens out there we have an assault course like no other, think Heels, Unicorns, Mud Baths, Treasure Hunt and more! Just get your teams together and let our fabulous Aaron Manhatton confuse you with games that have no rules and make no sense.
The Naked Catwalk
Have you ever wanted to sashay your way down a catwalk paying homage to Linda, Kristie, Kate and Naomi?
Well here is your chance to wear your finest birthday suite and with a little bit of body paint and accessories, you can create an outfit McQueen and Lagerfeld would be proud of.
No Talent Show
One of the highlights of NAKEDMAN is our community No Talent show.
Bring yourself and others to the stage to show us your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.
You might even win a prize…….do you like skittles!!!!

Mud Tribe

Get down and dirty as we connect back into our primal energy. Discovering the world through fresh eyes where everything is a new experience, but is friend or is it foe? You get to decide!


Rave Temple

Let’s kick off the Naked Man camp with a sexy, sweaty, playful, and intentional dance in the main hall on Friday night. Often described as the lovechild of ecstatic dance, techno raves, sex parties, and contact dance, Rave Temple explores the intersection between rave culture and temple arts. We’ve all felt moments of spirituality at a rave, festival, party, or darkroom. What if we cultivated that with collective intention? 

Ms Gavin’s Beauty Parlour
After a hard day of workshops and meeting fellow campers what better way to unwind than with an option of a little mani, pedi or facial. Pull out your glossy mags and have a little gossip about who’s in and out in C list celebrity world. If your lucky Ms Gavin may even give you a makeover if you ask nicely!



Morning Yoga

The practice of yoga cultivates health and wellbeing (physical, emotional, mental and social) through the practice of a range of many different techniques, including postures and movement, breath awareness, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Our classes are suitable for all levels of experience including beginners. Please bring a yoga mat (we will have some spares for those that do not have one),

Mindful Self Touch ‘Re-Wiring Your Wang’

Tired old masturbation habits got you down? Feeling a bit disconnected from your libido and your sexual energy? Let Andreas guide you to rewire your wank! In this guided, blindfolded self pleasure practice you will be taken through breath, movement, sound and touch to reconnect to your body’s authentic sensual expression.

Go from gone-in-a-moment jerk offs to soulful and deep lasting self pleasure. Your arousal and erotic expression are fully welcome but in no way necessary or required. This is a safe, no-expectations space to lovingly connect into your body without the pressure. Enjoy the brotherhood of shared self-pleasure. Great for newcomers who are dipping their toes into group erotic spaces, or self pleasure aficionados.

Shamanic Journey

In this ritual we will celebrate the earth, our bodies, rhythm and story. We start with an acknowledgement of country. We plant our feet and connect to the four directions, above and below, and to our hearts.

The group will then reveal five runes, and the power of those runes will be woven together to create a unique story of who we are and where we are going. Wolf will transform the runes into rhythm and chant, and we will journey into our story together. Carried by the drumbeat, you may choose to journey inwards through stillness and silence, or outwardly through movement and sound, or both.

We come to rest on our backs, supported by the earth and giving thanks for what has been revealed. Then there will be an opportunity to discuss the experience before we close.


Multiple O!

Male multiple orgasm is the ability to experience orgasmic sensations repeatedly without the need for ejaculation. Wolf will briefly talk about his experiences, and the steps to becoming a multi-orgasmic man. Then he will take you through a guided process involving movement and stretch, vocalisation, and genital self-pleasuring which will begin to awaken your multi-orgasmic potential. You will learn how to connect with your ‘male g-spot’, an area near the prostate which, when activated, provides intense pleasure almost at will. There will be an opportunity to discuss your experiences at the end of the workshop.


Four Handed Sensual Erotic Massage

Receiving touch from another can be a wonderful experience. Imagine what can happen when there are four hands touching and not just two. Your body becomes the orchestra in which you are the conductor! So  pluck up your courage and find yourself a couple of folks to massage!!

Man Bodywork Massage

Enjoy this connective and energetic workshop
that uses Kahuna bodywork movements on the body. Long flowing strokes over the body with
the hands, forearms and elbows using coconut oil.
In this workshop you will both give and receive Kahuna bodywork, with 3- 4 guys on each table. Experience having a 4 or even 6 hand massage in this workshop. Touching the body and learning new fluid movements, this is an intimate fun and energetic experience that is non sexual.

Sensual Interactive

Combining a series of conventional and unconventional sensual massages techniques on and around the massage table this interactive workshop experience will have you being both the giver and receiver of massage simultaneously.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘sexy massage lap dance’ the interactive massage sequence endeavours to have you connect with your partner in multiple positions, planes and aspects with body2body connection.

Utilising four pillars of sensual massage elements including passivity, interactivity, erotic energy and spirit connection the aim is to have you experience the dual pleasure of being an active participant with your partner in 4 dimensional massage experience. You will receive a link to a video of all of the movements helping you to practice and remember afterwards. A sexy, sensual and stimulating experience for the body the heart and the mind.

Tetra Breath Work

Tetra Breathwork is an awakening and healing
breathwork practice that works with sexual energy.
Unlike typical breathwork, Tetra uses movements with
the arms and hands helping to create energy and clearing. Tetra is done to different rhythm styles of music and moves through the four elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
This is an energetic and healing class, which can help clear your energy and also help with energetic releases.
No substances of any kind, including alcohol, should be used before or during session. Tetra is a fun and exciting new way to experience breathwork.


Conversations with Your Cock

We know you’ve touched your dick (a lot), but have you talked to him!?

Yes, you’re reading this right! In this workshop you will be guided to have a powerful conversation with your cock to gain clarity and self-wisdom you ordinarily don’t have access to. Your cock is smarter than you think – are you ready to hear what he has to say?
It all starts with gentle breath and touch. Once we’re in the zone you will be guided through a series of questions to tune you into your cock and receive the juicy wisdom it has for you. Does your cock want more care? More attention?
Maybe he has wisdom about how you can access more love in yourself and your relationships?

This light-hearted workshop, known as an “Aspecting Practice” will be something you’ve never experienced before. Gain wisdom and clarity from your phallic friend in a way you never imagined before.

Trans men may benefit greatly from this workshop as it’s a beautiful and powerful way to connect to your cock/ energetic cock.

This is a non-sexually charged workshop.

Intimately Bound

This is a workshop that explores connection, surrender and intimacy through Rope Bondage and Rope Energy. There are many reasons why one might submit to being tied or why one might wish to tie. But before we lose ourselves in fancy techniques and aesthetic, it’s important to remember that Shibari and Rope Bondage are sensual, playful and erotic practices. By binding and releasing each other, both partners are able to create an intimate energetic conversation resolving into meditative states of nirvana.

In this workshop you will work in dom/sub pairs. Come with a partner or meet one at the workshop. Rope will be provided and knot basics included, no prior knowledge required.

The Ultimate Forest

You can tickle, cuddle, stroke or caress the bark of each tree. Explore their branches, their leaves, their scent or their taste. Sharing your love and attention between these great flora specimens, creating a safe space to experiment with pleasure. Then surrender yourself, as you become ‘The Forest’. Experience the tickles, the cuddles, stokes and caresses of loving hands. As the distraction of attraction hides in darkness, your pleasure can emerge into the light. How much will you let go? How much will you surrender?

Relaxation Sound Healing

Relax into your body with a nourishing, juicy sound bath. Your nude body will melt into bliss as Andreas’ envelops your body with healing sound frequencies from his crystal singing bowls. There’s nothing to do except show up, relax and allow the sound to wash over your body. Leave the workshop feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Perfect for guys looking for a restful unwind in their camp schedule!

Body Painting

Time to get ready for the Saturday nights entertainment with a fun and sometimes quite sexy body painting class.
Let your creative juices flow as you transform into a lion or tiger or bear oh my..

Mens Erotic Drawing

First part of the session is Interactive men’s life drawing – we will cover some of the basic skills in life drawing Aim is for you to gain the courage to express yourself – drawing each other, moving to more hands on work as the session and trust levels progress.You will get a chance to experience being drawn as well as drawing others. Second part of the session will be drawing extended erotic poses with volunteer models – each session will have a different focus for example solo, couples and thruples, bare/half naked,  fetish,  bondage,  underwear depending on volunteers and participant interest.  You will have the opportunity to request poses from the models You do not need any prior experience to enjoy this workshop. You are encouraged to bring your own materials that you are comfortable with but if you don’t have any with you come anyway -basic materials will be supplied

The Tunnel of Love

Within this stunning ritual, each man has an experience of entering into a tunnel of loving, intuitive hands.  As we move through the tunnel of love we will experience a plethora of sensations, thoughts and emotions. Each man’s journey different, each ride unique.Within this workshop you may have an opportunity to experience deep pleasure, there may be a healing of body, mind and spirit. We will come together in community to provide a safe and nurturing space to practice generosity, self-love and care for one another.

Oily Ameoba
Have you ever wanted to lay naked in a pool of strangers with your eyes closed while listening to whale music and have warm oil poured over you until you become a slippery writhing hive of flesh? Its sexy. Its weird. It’s an oily Ameoba.

Playing in Intensity
Explore the pleasure of intensity as we take you into a world sensory deprivation, deep, dark and dirty music, strong sensations, heat, ice and much, much, more.

Dom, Sub, Switch

Are you curious about integrating your inner Dom-daddy so you can learn to be in total control? Or perhaps you need some practice playing with your Sub-pup to surrender into full submission.

Genital & Heart Connection

Holding presence when touching another human being can change our experience from mind numbing to mind blowing. Building a stronger connection between our genitals and heart, supports us to accept and allow feelings of vulnerability within our experiences of intimacy and sexual arousal.

Anchoring Your Erotic Body

Does your arousal take over control? Do you find yourself lost in your desire for the other? Fixated on external sources of gratification?What if you could tap into the power of pure erotic satisfaction from within?

Unbound Spirit 
Baggage, an intrinsic part of our existence. We each bear burdens that tether us to the past. Discover the physical and emotional spaces within yourself where this weight is stored, as we strive to shed constraints and embrace a sense of lightness & ease.

Working in pairs, we shall support one another in unlocking our untapped potential. As we navigate the body’s energy centers, we’ll confront the emotions, thoughts, or sensations that have confined us. Set yourself free to realize your most authentic and elevated self!

aka embodied communication for boundaries, consent, and desires

This workshop is an embodied exploration of how to communicate and understand your needs around boundaries, consent, and desires.
Often at festivals, parties, social events, on dating apps, or even with our partners, we can override our own or others’ boundaries in an attempt to meet our needs. Other times we feel too shy to share our desires with potential lovers and feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing apart from ourselves.