Introducing Curt

My name is Curt, I was born and grew up in London, England and have been living in Sydney for over 15 years. My work currently takes me to Melbourne and Europe.

For over 25 years I have worked in the field of mental health, with my training in Gestalt psychotherapysexological bodywork and somatic sex education. I am very fortuitous to love the work that I do and I continually seek to develop my skills in various healing arts. My passion is exploring how we bring ourselves into intimate relationships and the interplay within our bodies, our sexuality, spiritually and environments.

I love working as a Somatic Sex Educator and Psychotherapist, it’s my passion. I am always humbled by the people I work with. Seeing their growth, courage and acceptance in moving through challenges and developing new skills and ways of being.

Like everybody I too have had to face difficult life transitions, problems in relationships, feelings of uncertainty and loss. I continually attempt to make peace with my vulnerabilities, whilst learning to accept my own insecurities and times of unknowing. In fact it has been the working through of these life experiences that has brought me into the profession I am now in. These experiences are my richest resources and teachings and they help me to understand and support people I work with in making lasting change in their lives. My other passions are music, food (both cooking and eating), and meditation. I have been a meditator for nearly 15 years.

Curt is based in Sydney but regularly works in Melbourne and Europe.

Introducing Jasper (Byron Bay)

Jasper Wilson of Lets Be Well is passionate about well-being, connection and our relationship with the earth and each other. He has studied and practised Holistic CounsellingTranspersonal CoachingPermacultureIndigenous Studies (trauma & healing)Zen Thai Shiatsu and Hawaiian and Transpersonal bodywork. Jasper is currently completing his Yoga teacher training in Byron Bay.

Jasper is committed to strengthening a repertoire of practices that help himself and others to embrace seasonal and constant change.

Passionate about ritual, ceremony and bringing people together, Jasper has at last decided to bring his own flavour and style of bodywork to the queer community through workshop tutorial.

To visit Jasper for transpersonal coaching, bodywork or to sit in one of his workshops is to give yourself permission to explore the depths of your human layers while exploring your personal edges of mind, body, spirit, earth and community. Jasper regularly works in Sydney and Melbourne.

Introducing Cyrus (Melbourne)

Cyrus is an erotic body-worker and embodiment coach. He has studied multiple styles of touch, including Kahuna, Lomi Lomi and Remedial Massage.  He is a qualified Sexological Bodyworker and Embodied Councilor. He’s also studied Transpersonal Art Therapy and is a graduate of courses such as Urban Tantra and the International School of Temple Arts.

Cyrus is interested in the intersection between spirituality and sexuality. He believes the root cause of human suffering is sexual frustration and dares to imagine a bonobian utopia. He has discovered a few interesting things to teach and share on his healing journey. Like, how to get high on just breathe and touch, and that the human potential for pleasure is more than you think!

Cyrus is a Pleasure Artist and Orgasm Facilitator. An expert in the art of touch, Cyrus loves worshiping oily naked bodies and facilitating ecstatic states. Fascinated by sex, art and altered states of consciousness, Cyrus is on a life long quest to research how sex can act as a portal to another dimension with no words, no lines, no you, just I. Changing the world, one orgasm at a time.

Cyrus is based in Melbourne and regularly works in Brisbane, Byron and Sydney.

Introducing Kim (Sydney)

Dragonfly is a regular teacher at NakedMan Camps. He is both a trained Psychotherapist and a Sexological Bodywork Coach and works in private practice in Sydney. He values the sacred nature of our erotic process, our connection to nature and the cosmos, and the shamanic principle of journeying between worlds. Presence and Embodiment are the core principles of this approach.

Introducing Steve (Sydney)

Steve G have been teaching yoga for 15 years and founded the naked yoga classes in Sydney 10 years ago.  I also run workshops and retreats in Sydney and the Blue Mountains as well as private yoga lessons in Sydney.www.nakedyogasydney.com M – 0407 281 433

Introducing Jonn (Sydney)

Jonn’s work with men has been a life-long passion, with an extensive history in supporting men’s health. Qualified Somatic Sexological Bodywork Practitioner from the Institute of Somatic Sexological Bodywork.Qualified Thai Yoga Massage teacher / practitioner and Yoga teacher.

Owner and principal Teacher of CE YOGA and Body Curious

Contact details:

CE Yoga & Body Curious

9 Earl Place, Potts Point

PO Box 1628, Potts Point NSW 1335

0416 012 862

 www.ceyoga.com.au ~ www.mensnakedyoga.com.au ~ww.thaiyogamassagesydney.com.au ~http://bodycurious.com/

Introducing Gregory Barnes (Canberra)

Gregory trained in classical piano and computer music and had fun singing and playing keyboards with Perth bands in the 90’s. He’s appeared with Choirs and in Musical Theatre productions, and loves improvising with Playback and Impro Theatre. He currently facilitates group singing experiences with his band: KirtanaRama; and runs regular contemporary music nights from his studio space in Canberra. His interest and qualifications in Tantric and Hatha Yoga have inspired him to weave sound and music into his spiritual life.

Introducing Rod Sydney

Sydney based photographer capturing the scene and wonderful environment of my lovely harbour city.

Introducing Tod Trappett

Tod has been taking massage spaces to Men’s gatherings and festivals for years. His intention is to bring more intimacy and connections to these events. Tod would like to facilitate more touch between men who want to connect in a more beautiful ways.

Tod – 0415580126


Introducing David Æon Helman

David is a Sydney based yoga teacher, tarot & crystal healer and circus performer. David has over 20 years of yoga and mindfulness experience and has been involved in the Sydney kink community for a number of years. He is the co-creator of Kink Yoga (exclusive to Studio Kink), melding bondage and yoga as a meditative practice to prepare the body & mind for BDSM & Shibari play.

IG – @davidaeon

FB – https://www.facebook.com/davidaeoncircusyoga/

Introducing Harley Conyer

Harley is an experienced counsellor, coach, mentor, transformationalist and facilitator, with substantial experience working with individual clients and facilitating workshops, trainings, groups and retreats.

He is a powerful change agent, with significant experience and success supporting men through major life transitions and transformations.

He has substantial experience working with LGBTIQ issues including sexual identity, addictive and compulsive behaviours, traumas, coming out, intimacy & sexual practices and edges, polyamory, relationships and BDSM/kink.

0411 411 103

Introducing Craig Burnett

Craig Burnett has been passionate about Knitting for many years and loves to share his skills and knowledge with others.

Introducing Paul 

Paul Walker is a Sydney based artist, working within the realms of dance, performance, installation, and drawing. His performance practice considers the body being one with nature, and he works with objects and the environment to present the body with/as the other. His ongoing movement-based research with collaborator Gideon Payten-Griffins, investigates the Choreography of Sex, and they present work that challenges cultural taboos and subverts dominant ideologies around gender and sexuality.

Paul has presented work at Into the Wild(School of Really Good Sex), Day for Night(Liveworks Festival, Carriageworks), Festival of Really Good Sex(School of Really Good Sex), Queer Nu Werk(PACT), Down/Under Space, Intersect Art Space, STACKS PROJECTS, The Nest Creative Space, Tatwerk Berlin, Critical Path (SEAM Symposium), and the Conservatory of Music (Dance Meets Music II).