Introducing Curt Mason (Sydney)

Curt was born and grew up in London, England and has been living in Sydney for over 20 years. His work currently takes him to Melbourne, Brisbane and Europe.

For 30 years he has worked in the field of mental health, with his training in Person Centred Counselling, Gestalt psychotherapysexological bodywork and somatic sex coaching and education.He is very fortuitous to love the work that he does and continually seeks to develop his skills in various healing arts. Curt’s passion is exploring how we bring ourselves into intimate relationships and the interplay within our bodies, our sexuality, spiritually and environments.

Curt loves working as a Somatic Sex Coach and Bodyworker. He is always humbled by the people he works with, seeing their growth, courage and acceptance in moving through challenges and developing new skills and ways of being.

Like everybody he too has had to face difficult life transitions, problems in relationships, feelings of uncertainty and loss. Curt continually attempts to make peace with his vulnerabilities, whilst learning to accept his own insecurities and times of unknowing. In fact it has been the working through of these life experiences that has brought him into the profession he now works in. These experiences are his richest resources and teachings and they help him to understand and support people he works with in making lasting change in their lives. Curt’s other passions are music, food (both cooking and eating), and meditation. I have been a meditator for nearly 20 years.

Curt is based in Sydney but regularly works in Melbourne, Brisbane and Europe.

Introducing Ross MacPherson (Sydney)

Ross MacPherson is a Yoga teacher with over 10 years experience in yoga and mindfulness. Ross is currently studying to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist and has been assisting and running workshops at NAKEDMAN for 2 years. Ross is a warm and supportive human, who brings a playful and challenging approach to his facilitation that will transform the way you think, move and feel.


Introducing Tim Doldissen (Sydney)

Tim’s background is in media but he has been retraining to focus on holding supportive spaces. He’s particularly interested in group therapy for men and queer-identifying folk. Over the last year Tim has trained in Embodiment Counselling, Yin Yoga and is currently finishing a Diploma of Counselling.
He appreciates the healing power of nature, breaking a sweat during ecstatic dance and stretching his body across a bouldering wall.
Tim has been assisting and co-facilitating workshops and retreats at NAKED MAN since the start of 2021.

Introducing David Æon Helman (Sydney)

David is a Sydney based yoga teacher, tarot & crystal healer and circus performer. David has over 20 years of yoga and mindfulness experience and has been involved in the Sydney kink community for a number of years. He is the co-creator of Kink Yoga (exclusive to Studio Kink), melding bondage and yoga as a meditative practice to prepare the body & mind for BDSM & Shibari play.


Introducing Phil Lynch (Sydney)

Phil is in training as Sexological Bodyworker.  His passion is creating open, non-judgemental spaces where queer men can learn new ways of connecting with their bodies and each other.  He aims to bring authenticity, inclusivity and curiosity to his practice, with a healthy dash of irreverent fun. 

After surviving a corporate career and a mid-life crisis, Phil has been on a journey of discovery over several years encompassing practices in yoga, mindfulness, meditation and somatic bodywork.  For the past 5 years, Phil has assisted with NME retreats, workshops and community events.

Introducing Damien/Jasper Wilson (Byron Bay)

Jasper Has been working, training and practising in and around the mental health and wellbeing field for 15 years, his original training commenced in 2005 in Holistic Counselling and Transformational Life Coaching. His first 3 years of case management and group facilitation within a therapeutic community supporting AOD dependent adults on their journey to recovery created a firm foundation of integrity, respect and a life long commitment to the lived experience and observational benefits of ongoing self development. Throughout the years I have trained and practised In Polynsian style bodywork, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Western Tantric style massage and more currently Transpersonal Ceremonial Bodywork, In 2019 I completed a Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy. 

My love and passion is working 1:1 and in groups with people committed to themselves and their personal heroic journey. I am most at home and in heart in creating safe sacred spaces via counselling, group process or bodywork that allow for greater self awareness, illumination and transformation to unfold for an individual or group.

One might query what motivates Jasper? The simple answer to that is, it has been his own toil and tears, trials, tribulations, challenges, insecurities, faults and fears. Jasper is on my own heroic journey and its a very personal mental health and wellbeing journey. No one is void of the lived experience of human transitions, problems, challenges and relationship breakdown and breakthroughs. Nor are any of us void of our human need to feel safe, experience love, belonging and wholeness. It is Jaspers personal journey and pursuit of meeting these needs for himself that continue to move and drive him personally and professionally when working with others therapeutically.  

Some of Jaspers other interests and passions are swimming in ocean/ river teal waters of the world, climbing mountains and exploring vast landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, learning to play musical instruments and singing.

Damien/ Jasper Is based in the Northern Rivers, NSW