Frequently Asked Questions




What kinds of men attend ?

The men who attend our gatherings come from all walks of life. Often they are looking for new experiences, they are wanting to explore themselves and others and learn new ways of being in the world.

Our gatherings  attract a huge spectrum of people with a broad range of ages, body types, backgrounds and sexual identity. All men are welcome to all non-specific gatherings, no matter your age body type, background or sexuality.  We welcome ALL MEN (over 18); trans, cis, queer, gay, bi and same sex attracted. Our events are professionally facilitated to ensure they are safe, fun and respectful spaces.


Are there any prerequisites to participate?

Anyone over 18 can participate in our workshops and retreats. However due to the nature of our work you may be required to massage and touch participants for long periods of time, usually on the floor, not using massage tables. Therefore a general level of health and fitness is required. You can discuss this further with the facilitator before attending. If you have any current skin conditions, allergies to oils or topical transmittable conditions, please discuss these in advance with the facilitator.


How do you deal with boudary issues?

Our intention during gatherings is to support you in finding and exploring your boundaries as well as developing your agreements around consent. Your ability to say ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ and to express your desires and needs shows up an important aspect of your Self. It can be quite healing to consciously recognise one’s boundaries and to show them.

Only then can others begin to recognise your boundaries and to respect them.

As well as your own boundaries, learning how to meet another’s boundary and the possible emotions of rejection or excitement that can emerge from this are also important aspects to explore.

There will be opportunities to talk with facilitators one on one should you need support.


What about nudity?

Each workshop will state clearly if it is clothing optional or a naked event.

We live in a body shaming culture that often interrupts our longing for contact and sensuality, with a fear of judgment and getting hurt. Our attempt is to create a normalising and humanising atmosphere that can help you with fears you might have around being naked.


Do I get to choose the partners I want to work with for exercises?

When we habitually choose to connect with people purely through a lens of attraction, we miss out on opportunities to try different things with different people. When we step out of our comfort zones we feel challenged, we experience something new in ourselves, we grow and feel alive.

Our workshops and retreats are a practice space to experiment with new people. We therefore frequently and playfully assign random partners, which keeps things interesting, fun and respectful.

Ultimately exercise partners are there to practice with and have an experience with you; that experience might be mind blowing, mediocre or anything in-between. You don’t have to move in with him! Essentially, it is about growth experiences you have with yourself and also about learning skills that you can use with other partners of your choice in the real world.


Relationships: can I come by myself or should I bring a friend or a partner to workshops and retreats?

You can participate in our gatherings by yourself as an individual or while being in a relationship or with your partner or partners.

It can be a great experience to attend with your partner. Supported by the group dynamics, the exercises and touch sessions, relationships can feel revived and enriched. If you want to work exclusively with your partner this can be arranged.

On the other hand, the presence of your partner might also limit or inhibit your process. This is why men sometimes consciously choose to attend on their own. No matter if on your own or with someone else, our groups are an opportunity to meet other men in a very special context, potentially developing intimate bonds and friendships. 


Do people have sex ?

Our gatherings are sex positive without being predominantly focused on sex. We work with the whole body; erotic, sensual, sexual, intimate, spiritual, relational, emotional and our minds. The degree of intimacy will depend on the type of  gathering, your personal boundaries and your definitions of what sex is.

Facilitators will ask for specific agreements around touch within each individual workshop based on boundaries, consent and hygiene.  

The camps are social community events for people to meet, attend workshops and socialise.  That said, we are very sex positive and, outside of organised workshops, people are encouraged to have consenting sex with others if they choose and as they see appropriate. We ask you to be thoughtful and considerate of others in this area.


Can I get a refund? 

All Sales are Final. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be issued by NAKEDMAN. However, you are welcome to organise your own private exchange of tickets. You must advise us of the name and email address of the new recipient and they must bring photo ID. There is an admin charge for name change.






How many attend?

There can be anything from 10-20 men in a group, depending on venue size and type of workshop.

Can I spend nights at home during a workshop?

Workshops generally run during the day or evenings and you are therefore expected to find you own accommodation.

What do I need to bring?

Bring 2 towels or a towel and sarong. 

Please ensure you are freshly showered and not wearing strong smelling deodorant or aftershave. 

Why have age targeted workshops?

We at NAKEDMAN have expanded our workshops to include spaces that are for men who are aged 40 and under. We have found it increasingly difficult to attract and retain younger men into our workshops. It is our intention to bring younger men into our workshops so we can teach the skills needed to participate in our broader community of workshops, retreats and festivals that are open for all men. We understand that for some people these workshops may be experienced as ageist and discriminatory. In our view and from our experience of running events for many years, we see these workshops as in the long term, building and strengthening bridges into our broader events. We do not run age specific retreats or camps.




How many attend?

There can be anything from 10-21 men on a residential retreat.


What are the sleeping arrangements on retreat?

All rooms are shared and some have ensuite. You can choose the type of accommodation when booking. When attending a retreat it s always advisable to bring earplugs and eye masks for a comfortable night sleep. If you know you are a snorer please tell us in advance.

What else do I need to know about retreats?

On retreat everything is done for you, so you can just focus on yourself and your process. Food is vegetarian and we can cater for gluten or dairy free if you tell us in advance. We cannot however cater for specific food likes and dislikes, but we endeavour to create wholesome and delicious meals.

No alcohol or drugs are to be used whilst on retreat so that you can be focused and clear in your interactions with other participants.

Retreats are an opportunity for you to step out of your usual lives and experience yourself and your world differently.




Are Camps Clothing Optional or Naked?


To allow everyone to feel comfortable and not ‘perved’ on our camps are naked. Getting naked may sound a bit weird or scary, but that only lasts a moment and you soon don’t think about it because everybody else is naked. Being naked frees us from labels, social class and stereotypes. It is a state of mind and body where we can discover and enjoy a new sense of freedom.

You can take your time to settle in when you first arrive and the friendly organisers will support you if you are nervous. You will soon feel welcomed by all.

Be the community you want to create. We strive for the NAKEDMAN community to be free of judgement where everyone is made to feel welcome. Please discard your judgement with your clothes and help us create our friendly, safe and relaxed naked community.

It is of course OK to wear clothing as necessary for protection against extreme heat or cold.


Do I have to stay? Can I come for the day?

The fun of NAKEDMAN is in creating a community of men of me over the four days by staying on site for as long as possible. We strongly encourage you to give it a go! However if you want to come and go or just come for a day that’s fine as well, as long as it’s between the hours of 8am and 10pm. We are not offering separate day tickets so you can purchase the festival entry ticket and come and go as you please.

There is a variety of accommodation available: camping, powered site, cabins, Glamping (and off site luxury accommodation is available at the Sydney camp).


Is Photography allowed?

No photography is allowed except by our official photographer who won’t photograph you if advised. All photographs are also veted privately by attendees before anything is published. Even if a photo is published you can ask for it to be removed at any time.

We ask that you do not use mobile phones anywhere on the site except within your own accommodation. Please respect people’s privacy and their perception of privacy.


Can I come on my own?

Absolutely! People come on their own, with partners and in groups. if you don’t know anyone don’t worry, just let us know at check in and and the friendly crew will look after you.

We also have a friendly table  where there will always be someone new to meet and talk to.


What should I bring?

This is a BYO event so you will need to bring everything you need for the weekend: food (remember some catering is available), drink, your tent and bedding (unless you are booking tent hire, cabins or glamping). Bring extra towels for massages etc, a yoga mat, a torch, good shoes for walking, sunscreen, hat and mosquito repellant. Small (less than 1 litre) water bottles are banned – bring a reusable bottle please.

Evening meals will be available if booked in advance. Breakfast and afternoon tea (coffee and bacon / egg rolls for breakfast + coffee and cakes in the afternoon) will be available daily for cash; no pre booking required. Lunch is not provided but we are 10 mins drive from a town with cafes, bottle shop, small supermarket etc.


What shouldn’t I bring?




Nuts and Nut Products (Sydney venue)

Beer Bottles (Cans Only) 


What is Provided?

Cool Room; Cooking and BBQ facilities; Marquee with tables and chairs; Some cooking and eating equipment to share; Amenity blocks; hot indoor showers and toilets; Hot Tub, All day workshops and entertainment!!


Are there Douching Facilities? 

There are plenty of private toilet facilities available.

What about the weather?

This is an all weather event. There is plenty of covered space being provided for shelter from rain and heat. The organisers reserve the right to cancel a camp if required to by authorities due to extreme weather conditions, such as bush fire or flood, other natural disaster, “acts of god”, terrorism, war, or any other reason . In the case of cancellation all or some of the entry fee may be non-refundable.

Why has the ticket price increased? 

The Melbourne venue has increased its hire price and we have changed the Sydney venue to a larger site which is twice the price as the previous venue. This is not just a camping weekend; we provide and pay for professional facilitators, performers, DJs and managers to ensure you have an action packed four days of learning, fun and new experiences. In addition to the venue hire we also pay for additional equipment hire, marquees, spas, heaters, lighting, audio equipment, vehicle hire, wood, water, marketing, insurance and accommodation to relocate the owners off site. For people who are financially disadvantaged we provide free and discounted tickets. 

Melbourne Camp


What are the dates of the camp and how can I attend?

The camp is taking place from 5 – 9 December 2019

Tickets will be released in August.


I don’t have a tent / I am coming from interstate / overseas

No problem. There is a varied assortment of accommodation styles to suit everybody’s needs; luxury houses, double, twin and bunk cabins, powered sites, Glamping and regular camping. We are making it as easy as possible for interstate and overseas men to attend by flying in with only carry-on baggage required and for our Melbourne friends to jump on a train! Details on the ticketing page.


Can I bring a Campervan?

Yes. There are up to 50 powered spaces available for camper vans. Details on the ticketing page.


Is there Electricity, Internet and Mobile reception?

Yes. There is mains electricity and mobile reception on this site. However, the idea is to disconnect and engage with your fellow campers. To ensure privacy and the very social face to face aspect of Nakedman is maintained, we ask that you do not use mobile phones anywhere on the site except, if absolutely necessary, in the privacy of your own accommodation. Please respect people’s privacy and their perception of privacy. This is a ticketed event; do not use apps to invite non-ticket holders on to the site. This creates a major security issue and you will be asked to leave immediately without refund. 


What is the address of the camp?

The site is 1hr North-West of Melbourne, 20 mins from Daylesford. 

To keep the space safe and secure we will provide details and directions to ticket holders only one week prior to the camp.

What are my Transport  options?


Driving directions

The site is less than 1hr from Melbourne by car, very near a freeway. Ample parking is available.

Public Transport

There are very regular direct trains from Melbourne (Southern Cross) – journey time 55 mins. There will be free pick ups from certain trains at the nearest station.  We will send the pick up times out one week prior to the camp. Otherwise its 5 mins by taxi but you must book in advance.

Ride sharing

Coming from Melbourne or Interstate and want to reduce your footprint, share petrol and meet fellow campers? Please post on the event FB page  where you can connect with fellow campers to offer or request a ride, its a great and fun way to help people who don’t have transport.



Sydney Camp


What are the dates of the camp and how can I attend?

The camp is taking place from 6 – 10 February 2020.

Only NAKEDMAN members will be able to attend – details of our new membership scheme will be released shortly.

Member only tickets will be released in November 2019.




How many people will be there?


I don’t have a tent / I am coming from interstate / overseas

No problem. We have a number of tent pick up and glamping options. Full information is provided on the ticket page

There is limited space for about 8 camper vans – see below

There is also luxury clothing optional self catering accommodation available at Yanada Retreat, exclusively for attendees of the event, at a discounted rate, 10 minutes from the campsite. More information on the ticket page.


What are my Transport and Parking options?

Driving directions

The site is in the Hawkesbury region 90 mins North-West of Sydney CBD (via the M2) To keep the space safe and secure we will provide details and directions to ticket holders only.


Public Transport

There are two busses a day to Wisemans Ferry from Windsor on weekdays only, i.e.: on Thursday and Friday:

Train from Sydney

Depart Wynyard Station: 13:47
Arrive Windsor Station: 15:01

Bus 663

Depart Windsor Station: 15:16
Arrive Wisemans Ferry: 16:17

We can arrange pickups from Wisemans Ferry if arranged in advance.

There is a returning bus early on Monday morning.

Ride sharing


Coming from Sydney or Interstate and want to reduce your footprint, share petrol and meet fellow campers?

Please go the ride sharing page to offer or request a ride, its a great and fun way to help people who don’t have transport.