Intimate Bondage – World Pride Edition


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Exploring Intimacy Through Rope Bondage

Exploring intimacy through rope bondage –
Bondage, from the verb ‘to bond’, means that we form a bond or a tie with another person. It is the act of becoming one with the rope and your partner, helping one overcome one’s ego and resolve into a state of Nirvana. By binding and releasing one another, both partners are able to maintain a present, mindful & meditative state, not dissimilar to Japanese calligraphy or tea ceremonies.

There are many reasons why one might submit to being tied or why one might wish to tie another. In this workshop we’ll explore creating intimacy through bondage and how we might reach states of inner freedom induced by exterior immobilization. How through surrender we gain the ability to intensify the emotional bond to ourselves and our partners, which can have profound effects on our psyche.

This is a hands-on workshop and rope/knot basics will be included

Facilitator’s Name : David Æon Helman
David is a Sydney based yoga teacher, tarot & crystal healer and circus performer. David has over 20 years of yoga and mindfulness experience and has been involved in the Sydney kink community for a number of years. He is the co-creator of Kink Yoga (exclusive to Studio Kink), melding bondage and yoga as a meditative practice to prepare the body & mind for BDSM & Shibari play.