Genital and Heart Connection (For Men Under 40) Melbourne March 2019


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Holding presence when touching another human being can change our
experience from mind numbing to mind blowing. Building a stronger connection
between our genitals and heart, supports us to accept and allow feelings of
vulnerability within our experiences of intimacy and sexual arousal.
During this workshop we will begin with an embodied meditation. We will learn
how to hold presence within our touch and you will receive simple instructions
and a demonstration. What follows is an opportunity to give and receive a
partnered touch session, building upon your capacity to hold presence in you
touch. The focus of your awareness will be the touch you are giving and
This is a personal development workshop that will be an unclothed space and
will involve full body touch (Including genitals). If you have any discomfort in
being touched this particular workshop may not be your best option.
You will need to be able to sit on the floor and touch a person for extended
periods of time, so please be aware of any injuries that may affect these activities
before booking.
In this workshop you will be working in pairs, these pairs will be chosen
randomly on the night, unless you arrive at the workshop already in your pair.

Date: Thursday 14th March
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Cost: $50
Venue: Collingwood