Men’s Multiple O! Workshop – Melbourne


DATE: Wednesday 13th September
TIME: 7pm – 10pm
COST: $55
VENUE: Brunswick, Melbourne

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The Men’s Multiple O! workshop
Join the multi-orgasmic revolution!
In this workshop you will learn the secrets of how to connect with your ‘male g-spot’, an area near the prostate which, when activated, provides orgasmic sensation almost at will. Experiential exercises will include movement, stretch, vocalisation, full body touch and external genital massage. Partner work is included ( as a couple or chosen on the night ). However you may choose to complete all exercises by yourself which can be just as effective.
About Wolf Born
Wolf is a tantric practitioner and masseur who has been teaching men how to rediscover their sexuality for over twenty years. His healing work also combines creative play, shamanic trance, connection with nature and dreaming practices, including lucid dreaming.