Taking Touch & Allowing Surrender (For Men 40 & Under) – Melbourne – September


16 Capacity
Date: Friday 13th September
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Venue: Collingwood, Melbourne
Cost: $50
Book Now – www.nman.com.au

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During this workshop we will explore a dynamic of touch that is unfamiliar to many people; Taking and Allowing.
Within consent ‘Taking’ connects us to our desires, it develops integrity and builds confidence. Taking moves us into a deep knowing of ourselves; we learn to trust our intuition, developing our life forces of creativity and curiosity.
Within consent ‘Allowing’ connects us to a fluidity and freedom, rarely experienced. We learn to surrender, trusting ourselves enough with others to allow fun and play to emerge. A deep pleasure can be enjoyed from being desired and ravished.
We will start the workshop with some time to relax and get to know each other through mindfulness and some simple games. We will enliven our experiences of touch and start a journey of embodiment. The dynamics of Taking & Allowing will be explained in more detail, before moving into multiple partnered touch sessions as a way of exploring these dynamic more experientially.
This is a personal development workshop and will be a clothing optional space that can involve full body touch.
You will need to be able to sit on the floor and touch a person for extended periods of time, so please be aware of any injuries that may affect these activities before booking.
In this workshop you will be working in different pairs that will be chosen randomly throughout the workshop, unless you arrive at the workshop already with a partner.


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