The Naked Ritual – Brisbane – January 2020


Date: Saturday 18th January 2020
Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Newmarket Brisbane

Details will be emailed out two days prior to the event

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During this workshop, we will begin with an embodied meditation, followed by playing some fun games to get to know each other better and create some familiarity between participants.

We will then move into ‘The Naked Ritual’. Your rules, agreements and expectations will be explained clearly and you will be shown the powerful five pillars of erotic embodiment. These pillars will support you to build more intimacy, sensation and pleasure in your body during ‘The Naked Ritual’ and that you can also use in your everyday lives.

As we move into ‘The Naked Ritual’ we will explore 3 states of living:

Outer Circle (Being) – the realm of stillness, holding space and witnessing.

Middle Circle (Enlivening) – the realm of waking up the body, movement, laughing and growling, making sound, self-touch and dancing, breathing and self-pleasure.

Inner Circle (Ecstasy) – the realm of safe, consensual, giving and receiving pleasure. Building community, generosity, curiosity and embodiment. Playing and having fun.

‘The Naked Ritual’ embodies authentic consent. Participants move freely and fluidly from one state to another allowing their own sexual energy to lead and guide them. Experience the freedom to be human and the deep intimacy that comes from a group erotic experience.

This workshop will be for the most part naked.

Your facilitator Curt Mason is a qualified and experienced Gestalt psychotherapist and Somatic Sex Educator from Sydney, Australia. Curt has been a practicing meditator for many years, which informs much of his work.
Curt runs a psychotherapy practice and a retreat centre in Sydney and is one of the organisers behind the NAKEDMAN Festival in Sydney and Melbourne. With over 20 years experience of working in mental health, Curt primarily works with gay and same sex attracted Cis/Trans men with a focus on intimacy, sexuality, relationships, anxiety, trauma and group work.
Curt is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in a style that is safe, simple, fun and easy to understand and practice.


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