The Rope Salon 15/5/2023


Rope Salon

7pm – 9.00pm

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Every month we create ‘The Rope Salon’. This is a space for men who enjoy rope work and play to gather together to practice and exhibit their skills. Come and meet new bunnies and riggers to swap with on the night. The session will start with tea, coffee and a chance to meet and greet. If you have no experience you may be lucky and meet someone who wants to practice or teach their skills. You will get two opportunities to partner up and each evening one couple can perform a session for the whole group to enjoy.

There will be NO formal teaching at this event, however David will be your coordinator for the evening to help see everything flows nicely.

During this event you can be as clothed or as unclothed as you wish.

Come with your own ropes or we will have some for you play with on the night.