The Tantric Forest – Melbourne – June 6th 2022


WHERE – Brunswick, Melbourne
DATE – Monday 6th June
TIME – 7pm – 10pm


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Would you like to play in ‘The Tantric Forest‘?

You can tickle, cuddle, stroke or caress the bark of each tree. Explore their branches, their leaves, their scent or their taste. Sharing your love and attention between these great flora specimens, creating a safe space to experiment with pleasure. Then surrender yourself, as you become ‘The Forest’. Experience the tickles, the cuddles, stokes and caresses of loving hands. As the distraction of attraction hides in darkness, your pleasure can emerge into the light. How much will you let go? How much will you surrender?

This workshop is a personal development workshop. We will be using fun touch and play to explore, boundaries, consent, sensory deprivation of sight, attraction, pleasure, surrender, generosity and community.
This is a clothing optional workshop. This workshop does not take place in an actual forest.