Terms & Conditions

  1. All Sales are Final. All sales are final. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be issued by NAKEDMAN.
  2. This is an all weather event. There are plenty of indoor and heated spaces at this venue to provide shelter from rain and heat. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event if required to by authorities due to extreme weather conditions, such as bush fire, flood, other natural disaster, “acts of god”, terrorism, war, or any other reason. In the case of cancellation all or some of the entry fee may be non-refundable.
  3. The Naked Man Festival is an intimacy and a sex positive environment. Therefore respect and consent is important: “Say yes enthusiastically, Say no politely”. Please try to ensure that your actions don’t make other people uncomfortable.
  4. This is a naked event, and we ask everyone to respect this. If some people are clothed it can be intimidating for those who are naked; they may feel watched or observed. Clothes are allowed within reason; e.g., if it’s cold or for protection from the sun.
  5. No photography is allowed except by our official photographer who won’t photograph you if advised. All photographs are also vetted privately by attendees before anything is published. Even if is published you can ask to be removed from any photograph at any time.
  6. We ask that you do not use mobile phones anywhere on the site except, if absolutely necessary, in the privacy of your own tent or accommodation. Please respect people’s privacy and their perception of privacy.
  7. Be responsible in your use of alcohol and look after other people around their use. Other drug use is not appropriate here.
  8. Small (less than 1 litre) water bottles are banned – bring a reusable bottle please.
  9. No pets allowed
  10. The organisers will take all reasonable steps to ensure we provide a safe environment. However this is the Australian Bush, an ancient environment full of wildlife, including snakes, spiders and mosquitoes. It is your responsibility to protect yourself by wearing shoes when walking, using repellent and taking care when swimming etc. No responsibility will be taken by the organisers for any losses or accidents, including those resulting from any workshops you may choose to participate in.
  11. Anyone not respecting these guidelines may be asked to leave without refund or reimbursement.