Mindful Self Touch – Melbourne – July 2021


Mindful Self Touch Most of us are not aware of the true capacity of or bodies, especially when it comes to our erotic selves. A lot of our ways of self-pleasuring have been discovered amid secrecy and shame as teenagers. We have then evolved to use porn and fantasy to ‘get off’. During this workshop […]


The Art of Sensual Massage – Melbourne – July – 2021


The Art of Sensual Massage Lovers can arrive at your door for one night, one year or one lifetime. What a gift it would be for you to be able to offer them an experience of a sensual and intimate massage. Frequently I hear men say they would like to offer something different in their […]


Massage exchange – Melbourne – July 2021


Come and join us for a evening of massage exchange.You can either arrive and practice with a partner or choose somebody on the night to work with. We offer tea and snacks on arrival to give time for a meet and chat before we start. This is a great opportunity to practice your touch skills […]