The Tantric Forest – Melbourne – August 2021


Would you like to play in ‘The Tantric Forest‘? You can tickle, cuddle, stroke or caress the bark of each tree. Explore their branches, their leaves, their scent or their […]


Naked Stretch Class – ONLINE – August 2021


Find a new way of looking at your own body, inspiring you to take pride and pleasure in your unique physique and capabilities.  We will remove the sense of restriction […]


Mindful Self Touch – ONLINE – August 2021


Mindful Self Touch ONLINE Most of us are not aware of the true capacity of or bodies, especially when it comes to our erotic selves. A lot of our ways […]


Queer Book Club – Sydney Group / Zoom

Ultimo Wattle Street, Sydney

This is fun and friendly evening hosted by Phil Lynch. It takes place on the fourth Tuesday of every month in Ultimo and on Zoom. We all read or listen to a […]


Evening Massage Exchange – Melbourne


Come and join us for a evening of massage exchange.You can either arrive and practice with a partner or choose somebody on the night to work with. We offer tea […]


Queer Film Club

Ultimo Wattle Street, Sydney

On the second Tuesday of each month Lewis picks a film that has a LGBTQI theme. We watch the film on a 75″ screen with surround sound and comfortable chairs, floor cushions and back […]


A Deeper Love Intensive

Yanada Retreat Centre 1741 St Albans Road, St Albans

A Deeper Love Intensive  NAKEDMAN is proud to offer ‘A Deeper Love’ week-long intensive retreat.  This intensive retreat is for all men who seek to dive deep, deep into themselves, […]

NAKEDMAN Camp 2022

Wisemans Ferry NSW

save the date! Venue booked...details to come